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New producer, new album, back on tour in the States. New times for Black Box Revelation. As the world recovered from last years' crisis, the duo from Brussels found their inspiration in Andy Savours' dark and hidden studios in West London. The producer, known for his work for Black Country, New Road, Arctic Monkeys and my bloody valentine, invited them to come over and work on their new songs and sounds. A great match it seemed, as the band’s urge for a rock ’n’ roll album, in the naive spirit of their debut Set Your Head On Fire, became unstoppable. No time to waste, because the rock duo had been asked overseas to play the notorious Psych Fest Las Vegas, following a grinding tour through the West of the US in August 22. These shows in the land of endless dreams were only a sneak peak of what’s coming... Black Box Revelation in its purest state of mind, including the pounding drums of Dries Van Dijck and the roaring guitars and screaming voice of Jan Paternoster. Their new songs from their upcoming album will be brought to the stages across Europe starting Spring 23.


Jan: “We felt like recording an album that will make the kids play guitars again. Music to lose your voice to by screaming along. Songs that make you throw your beer in the air when you see them live. It’s the rock ’n’ roll record we wanted to make and if you don’t like it, well… we won’t fucking care”.



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